Think Quicker. 

Learn Easier. 

Perform Better.


Learning is primarily a cognitive function, information becomes knowledge through a path that relies on individual cognitive skills. Consider the following question:

As fast as you can, spell the capital of Egypt backward. In order to do so, you will use the following cognitive skills. 

1. You Pay Attention to the request 

2. Using Working Memory you remember the instructions 

3. With your Long-Term Memory, you will recall the capital of Egypt 

4. Logic & Reasoning is used to decide on how you will solve the problem

5. You Use Auditory Processing to sound out the  syllables

6. Using Visual Processing you picture the name and read it backward

7. How quickly you perform this task depends on your Processing Speed


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein

Brain Training enables you to think faster and make smarter decisions at any age. The program helps: 

  • Struggling Students
  • College Students 
  • High-Achieving Students 
  • ADHD/ Attention Struggles 
  • Dyslexia & Reading 
  • Career Professionals 
  • Senior Adults wanting to stay sharp 


The founder of BrainRx®, Dr. Ken Gibson's life experiences laid the groundwork for an enterprise that has helped thousands.

He combined years of clinical research to help people overcome learning struggles with a unique cognitive training methodology designed to strengthen the core skills used by the brain to think and learn. 

The program is used in many countries around the world today helping both children and adults struggling with learning, reading, remembering, paying attention, and more.